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Growing and expanding young minds create Future Leaders of tomorrow!

Our all-inclusive Short-Term Study Tours are designed to expand student’s minds, expose them to American

Culture, and acquire skills when they return home.   


Skills include learning about teamwork, helping others,

and exclusive tips from local companies.


They gain real-life experiences with real local people!  

Fun Opportunity Abroad helps students from around the world learn about American culture in beautiful

Southern California.


Learn and practice English with our short- term programs. Take advantage of our interactive tours, ESL classes, Homestay, and countless fun opportunities!

Imagine time traveling back to being your younger self and you tell yourself, that you're about to get on a plane to travel outside of your country.  

How would your young mind change and take on the world after experiencing life in another country?

Your “Traveled” self would have developed confidence and personal development that would stand out as you matured into an adult.  You have separated yourself from the norm and become fearless, tackling your future career of choice.

As an adult, your doors open wider and more often. You're not afraid because you have already learned how to stand out from everyone else, and you are now open to new ways to thrive in the always-changing future!

All programs are mind opening experiences to challenge students by pushing them to GROW and EXSPAND their minds  so that one day they become who they are destined to become...


Southern California is one of the most desirable destinations around the globe and features:

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Select of our mind opening experiences

Virtual Cultural Exchange Program 

In - Person Cultural


In - Person Summer


Our Services

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“FOA is by far the best experience we have had with hosting! FOA is very organized and all staff is very friendly. We receive detailed information on each student which is amazing!”

Jenny Jensen-Howard's 

FOA Host family

I like working with FOA because they are always open for creating new programs together and it can be totally

outside box-type programs.

Their local community-based activities like company visits, and various cultural programs with local schools are not something everybody can provide. Orange County is such a safely secured area to have students' homestay 


We love Anne and Amy, such a wonderful person to work with!

Yuri from Asahi Travel 

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