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Youth Leadership and Mindfulness

June 26th-July 16th 2023

Gardening Lesson

Why leadership and Mindfulness program?

To go beyond learning and practicing English!


It's time to help inspire a mindful education for students to embrace their natural talents, build self-esteem, and confidence, learn new skills of communication, awareness, leadership knowledge, entrepreneurship, sustainable living, volunteering and community building, and creativity!


So students can learn to become a leader in their own education and help make a difference in this world.

Whats Included?

This program combines ESL, workshops, and SDGs-related activities that integrate these topics.



Our program consist with 3 main topic: Mindfulness, Speech and Communication, Community   and Leadership Building.


 “Power of words and communication” Learn how it affects the mental state as well as external experiences.

◆ Our own individual word choices and communication (both internal and verbal external) can affects and create the mental states of each person.

◆ Each word and the way you communicate can change your mood;
Sad, happy, frustrated, mean or empathetic can all be influenced by internal and external words and communication choices.

Speech and Communication 1&2

“Discover why speaking with confidence is needed for all great leaders”

Learn how to communicate with important internal powerful beliefs that builds

confidence and allows you to communicate with power

◆ Examples of compelling speeches and compare to bad ones for contrast and comparison.

◆  Practice debating speech topics

◆  Broken down into groups and rotated throughout the duration of the class. Different impromptu games will be focus on different beliefs and topics for students to perform.

◆  Broken down into groups, and each student performs their speech to their group.

Leadership Building 1&2

“How to influence others and understanding the 6 human needs.”

Learn how to communicate with important internal powerful beliefs that builds

confidence and allows you to communicate with power

◆ Discuss how leaders lead by understanding the needs of other people and develop important relations and influence by understanding the needs of other people

◆  A Goal Building game is introduced to help bring out goals for students. Example “Hot Potato in a goal basket” A ball is passed around the room, and each student must yell out a goal they may have, and it must sound goal worthy, and they only have 5 seconds to say anything goal related.

◆  Students are instructed to brainstorm ideas on personal goal, academic, and future education or professional goals.

SDG meaningful activities

Screen Shot 2022-11-08 at 5.48.06 PM.png

Renewable Farms

Learn about Sustainable farming, and how you can grow your own food anywhere you live!

Learn about energy consumption, bugs, conserving water, composting, plant maintenance, and much more. learn the importance of sustaining our planet. 


Soup Kitchen


Help our local community by preparing healthy tasty meals for the ones who cannot afford it.  


Soup Kitchen provides a daily nutritional meal to homeless, working poor families, senior citizens, the unemployed or under-employed, the mentally and physically challenged and most important... the children. We believe that no one should go to bed hungry on the street or otherwise. Therefore, the Soup Kitchen provides meals seven days per week at our facility in Orange County. 


Second Harvest Food Bank


Volunteer by helping to prepare nutritional food for our community’s well-being. Steady, consistent access to nutritious food increases food security and helps build more resiliency for adults and children. Second Harvest provides nutrient-dense food in convenient and dignified locations throughout the county so that we can set those in need up for success in school and at work.  


Daily ESL Classes

Learn and practice English with our daily ESL  classes basing the focus on Mindfulness, Communication, and Leadership.  This is the time when the emphasis is to practice English no matter what level the student is at. 

◆ Teachers are experienced and help inspire each student to speak English right away

◆ Each student will learn to become comfortable of their English skills by staying active in their learning. 

◆ Closed class at 18 students MAX (communication based class)

◆ Class materials provided

◆ Classroom will be located at one of our locations: University of California, Irvine or Vanguards University


Fun Activities

Get a full tour of our exciting adventures, landmarks and beautiful locations in the Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego. 

Fun Activities

Huntington Beach

Visit one of the most famous beaches in Southern California. Surf City USA! 

Check out the beautiful waves and local surf life, then head over to the near by shopping center where there are surf apparel shops, food and more. All within walking distance. 


Knotts Berry Farm


It's time to have some fun play at  Knott’s, fun is always in season with dozens of thrilling rides, shows, and attractions in four themed areas inspired by the history and culture of California.


A day at Knott’s Berry Farm means riding exhilarating roller coasters, Old West adventures in the authentic 1800’s Ghost Town, paying tribute to California’s Hispanic roots in Fiesta Village, experiencing the Southern California beach lifestyle along the Boardwalk, and going on a High Sierras adventure with the world’s most loveable beagle – Snoopy!


Hollywood & Santa Monica 

Visit the legendary Hollywood and walk on the Walk of Fame,  place your hands hand in the celebrity hand prints by the Chinese Theater, and visit the beaches of Santa Monica. 

Experience what has been seen in movies for decades, and let your imagination  open to a new world!


San Diego

A day trip to San Diego is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. There are 70 miles of shoreline and a diverse selection of beaches to explore. From  Old town San Diego to the main city right off the shore, this city is rich with culture and history! It's the oldest City in Southern California, and has a unique diverse expression of theme parks, dinning, and outdoor attractions. 



Live with an American family to experience the life stay of Southern California. 

All students will have the chance to live with local American families as part of our homestay program.  All host families live in the safest Orange County communities such as Irvine and Huntington Beach. 


At home interactions with families will enhance cultural and English language experiences for students. 


Host families provide home cooked breakfast and dinner on weekdays.


Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided weekends and holidays.

Students can be single or double placed.

Click here to learn more about our Homestay Program.




  • Greeted at the airport by a FOA Staff member

  • Coach Buses for airport Pick up and Drop off

  • Buses to and from study center and activities 


What's all included again?


This is a full immersive All-Incusive program!

  • Airport pickup by coach Bus, FOA staff to help assist and greet each student. 

  • Daily ESL Classes

  • All class material

  • Daily bus pass to our location 

  • Workshops focusing on Mindfulness, Communication, Leadership

  • Volunteer activities and community help

  • Fun activities to attractions and landmarks

  • FOA Chaperone to guide each excursion and adventure

  • Accommodations with our homestay program

  • Meals breakfast, and dinner and lunch on weekends

  • Experiencing real change and making a difference in this world

Price of Growth and Excitement

USD 3,700

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Not Sure?

If you are an individual and would like more assistance please feel free to contact us directly!

Also, if you are an agent or school we can also help facilitate your needs for this program.  

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