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   Agents.   Schools.   Referrals.   Partnerships

Our preferred partners we work with deserve to work with trust.  

Your clients, who you refer, need to be taken care of in every way,

so you can just focus on your job.  


We want your clients to come back to you with raving memories and experiences.  


FOA adds more value to your company, because we do not settle for less, and create outstanding products in order for you to succeed in your company.

Our preferred partnerships offer generous percentage compensation for all programs, partnerships, or partner referrals.   


Our preferred partner family is actually  We build on providing service, relationship, same core-goals, and most importantly…TRUST.

Agents:  Let’s Get Started!  HOW?

It’s important to design a program that sells while creating live -long memories that your client will Rave about when they return home.   Don’t worry, we want to address your needs and get to deigning a program that works and sells for your clients.  Fun Opportunity Abroad makes this simple for you by following these next simple steps to get you started.   




  1. Schedule a kickoff call and intake

  2. Create a program that works

  3. We’ll provide a quote and agreement form

  4. Check in with you after 3 business days 


Step one: Schedule a kickoff virtual meeting on this thirty-minute introduction.  We’ll discuss your vision of the perfect. Program for your clients.  We’ll conduct a brief intake of your current programs you work with and create and outline of the new program in Los Angeles/Orange County area.  We’ll ask a few clarifying questions to make sure we’re both on the same page.  


For dates, length of program, and in -clusive packages.  


Step two: We make the agreement after our kick-off meeting.   We will both complete the agreements and sign an agreement form and generate Certificate of representation to your company.



Step 3: We will provide a quote along with Prices and begin making future preparations.


Step 4: After three business days we will check in with you to make sure all of your questions are answered, and you feel confident of the program we created together.

Your clients in your company.  This is why they are investing in us too.


Imagine your clients returning home with raving about their experience and thank you for leading them in the right direction.  


Your client’s investment with both of us gain them valuable education for their future that they will never forget.  


They trusted you and you trusted us.  Imagine your clients referring to others and return to you to gain future experiences.


Here are samples of All-inclusive packages along with breakdown of all items included.


Investment cost: Your business grows, and your partnership with FOA takes you to the never level.



Let’s Do This!

If you are ready to move forward with designing the perfect program for you, all you have to do is enter here; We will contact you within 72 hours to schedule your 30-minute Kick-off virtual meeting.


Contact us today, and let’s discuss how we can design a program to add value to your company.

Testimonials from Preferred Partners

Yuri   from Asahi Travel 

 I like working with FOA because they are always open for creating new programs together and it can be totally outside box type programs.

Their local community-based activities like company visits, various cultural programs with local schools are not something everybody can provide.

Orange County is such a safety secured area to have students homestay 


We love Anne and Amy, such a wonderful person to work with!

ACOSTA Agency From Japan

Very reliable to work with FOA because of prompt reply back and very flexible for specially customized requests even if it was at the last minute. 

All of FOA Staff are very friendly.

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